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3 hours – 5 beer tastings – 25 beer stories – 1 city 

Explore the historic beer city and learn everything about the old and modern beer and brewing history
Soon: Delft, Gouda, Utrecht, Haarlem and more …

Groups are bookable from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 15 people per guide.


Did the Nassaus and the Oranjes drink beer?
Find out during a beautiful BeerWalk through the oldest Nassau city in the Netherlands.
With a brewery that still stands on the harbour, Bredaas Wit as its own city beer and one of the first industrial breweries in the Netherlands: Drie Hoefijzers.
In the Middle Ages, about forty breweries were active here at the same time, producing beer for Breda and the surrounding area.
Did the Beguines brew beer here and if so why?
When enjoying 5 beer tastings you will learn more than you expect at first sight.


Of course beer was brewed in the oldest port of Holland, but German and Holland beer was also traded and transhipped.
Many, many, in all shapes and sizes.
During the Beer Walk through medieval Dordrecht you will learn that there were even urban breweries that even brewed their own city beers.
Dutch Christmas beer was even invented here.
We start at one of the oldest breweries in the Netherlands: De Sleutel, in the middle of the old town.
We will taste five craft beers along the way, one of which is along one of the busiest European inland shipping routes.

Responsible living = Mindfull drinking

During the beer walk we taste 5 craft beers in specific tasting glasses. To our beer guides, beer drinking is sensible and enjoyable tasting. If you want to take this one step further, the catchphrase  “responsible living by mindful drinking”. We offer the possibility to experience CityBeerWalk entirely with 5 alcohol-free beers (in various beerstyles).


This beautiful city had everything you needed in the Middle Ages.
Beer for the surrounding countryside, beer for the burghers and citizens – and beer for export to Asia and South America and for the sailors who made long sea voyages.
A precursor to the popular IPA: Princess beer.
The famous Abbey even housed a brewery that supplied Charles V and his court with fresh beer.
You will find out all about it during the three-hour BierWandeling through Middelburg, where we will taste 5 craft beers, because tasting beer is also one of the components.


Monks, nuns, patricians, everyone seemed to be drinking beer in beautiful ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
A city with a famous city beer should not be missing from the Dutch BeerWandeling series.
Mol was famous in the farthest corners of the country. One of the oldest city breweries is also located here: De Hemel.
As so often, the monks here were the first brewers to learn all the details about.
Where can you not only walk through the Lange Brouwersstraat, the Korte Brouwersstraat and over the Gruitberg?
That is only possible in medieval Nijmegen, a great historic beer city that is still buzzing today.
You will notice how with the 5 beer tastings.

s’ Hertogenbosch

Monks, nuns, patricians, everyone seemed to be drinking beer in beautiful ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
All beer and brewing secrets come together in this Beer Walk.
Learn about the clandestine churches that used to be located in breweries.
Find out here that Koningsbier once existed and see what a gruit and hops warehouse looked like.
What water was used to brew here and what about the supply of malt during the Eighty Years’ War?
What was the effect on beer when Den Bosch in Brabant was added to the Republic of the 7 Provinces?
It will all become clear to you with 5 delicious beer tastings that are served during the BeerWalk in the most beautiful bars of this beautiful medieval city.

Discover what our guests say

Our guide Tom was excellent. Educational and entertaining tour, lots of history of brewing in Middelburg.

Excellent tour around Nijmegen historical center, including various beers in various places. Our guide was clearly a true beer enthusiast and expert, and also told nice historical details and stories about the city places that we walked by on our tour. Only bad thing was that there was so much new and interesting information about beer, that I have already forgotten half of it :-)

We had an amazing time with Ariel on our CityBeerWalk. He was incredibly well informed and was able to answer all our questions. It was great to hear about the history of Breda through the lens of beer brewing. Highly recommended!

.. presented by beer lover and sommelier Dordrecht. Deep knowledge about the history of Dordrecht. Lots of historic places and bars in Dordrecht were visited. Great beers served. Worth it!

My son and I had a great time on this very informative night walk. The beer tastings we had at the 5 bars we visited were excellent. Our guide  was very knowledgeable on the history of Dordrecht and the beers that we tasted. Highly recommend taking this walking tour!

Bought this tour as a gift for two people spending a long weekend in s’Hertogenbosch. They absolutely loved it – their guide was also knowledgeable about s’Hertogenbosch’s history and architecture so they got so much more than a beer tour, and they had such a good time they stayed an hour or so longer than scheduled! Awesome experience, really pleased.