Walk & drink yourself happy

Numerous healthy reasons to be walking & drinking craft beer

Recent studies by Maastricht University and a number of American research institutes have shown that a walk does you good. Walking is even better for your body and mind than intensive sports and better for your figure! I list some direct benefits, and put the similarities with all the health benefits of beer next to it.

Good for your blood pressure & cholesterol
Studies have shown that regular walking keeps your blood pressure & cholesterol under control.

May reduce diabetes symptoms
Walking can halve and almost eliminate diabetes symptoms.

Improves your memory
Regular walking can delay Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Improves your constitution
Walking makes your bones firmer and lungs stronger. And also helps with back problems.

Helps against stress
Researchers found out that walkers suffer less from stress, or experience stress differently.

Helps you lose weight
People that walk their metabolism works better and fat burns easier, with much less chance of being overweight.

Walking relaxes
Dopamine is the happiness substance that our brain produces during a good walk. The best natural anti-stress agent.

Walking stimulates social contacts
While walking you get in touch with like-minded people faster and this is how you come to the most interesting conversations.

Makes your worries go away
Walking forces you to dwell on, and at the same time distance yourself from, everything you are doing. You look at your worries differently and start to solve them while walking.

Clears the head and gets you ready for new ideas
“All of my good ideas arose while walking,” wrote philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

More than 60% like to walk and 35% walk weekly

Beer is much healthier than we think. Billions of liters of beer are flowing around the world. We drink it en masse, but we hardly wonder if the beer we drink is good for us. Well, beer is healthy, very healthy even. Especially craft beer – craft beer. Because that is pure nature and traditionally brewed; without nasty additions and with good hops in them.

Hops as the primary health benefit

Hops are antibacterial and the Hopeïne in the lupulin that is in hops – actually the most important component in hops – does the rest. You sleep well, as a woman you suffer less from menstrual discomfort and menopause they fade due to the phytoestrogen hops that are in beer. Studies are currently underway into the positive influence on obesity, prostate cancer and diabetes. It is mainly the quasi-hop polyphenols that have a beneficial effect on our general health.

The words hop and hope merged into one word: Hopeïne, the simple name of the important hop component 8-prenylnaringenin. A health plus against hormone-sensitive cancers, which has now been incorporated into medicines alongside beer.

Beer heatlh benefits – max. consumption 2 glasses a day

Protects against strokes
Beer ingredients prevent your blood from clotting.

Good for your blood pressure
Doctors in the Netherlands and Harvard University have shown that moderate beer consumption keeps your blood pressure under control.

May prevent diabetes
Beer drinkers are less likely to suffer from diabetes [diabetes mellitus, which literally means honeyed flow].

Improves your memory
No, not after 20 beers at a party… Moderate beer drinkers are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Let you live longer
Those who drink 1 to 2 glasses of beer a day live longer and generally have a pleasant life.

Improves your constitution
Beer is the source of calcium and protein and contains a lot of vitamins A and B that contribute to healthy teeth, bones and the production of red blood cells. Beer supplements promote the growth of muscles and tissues. Dark beer contains the vitamin B complex, necessary for releasing energy and creating building materials for the body and vitamins D and E.

Beer helps against stress
Researchers at the University of Montreal have found that a few glasses of beer a day reduce the pressure at work. Non-drinkers would suffer from much more stress.

Prevent kidney & gallstones
Researchers claim that the magnesium content in half a liter of beer reduces the risk of kidney stones by 40%. Gallstones are a welfare problem, which with beer hardly stand a chance.

Can protect you from cancer
Beer contains polyphenols that keep the growth of tumors in check. In addition, it can counteract carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons [PAH’s] – the black burn edges when barbecuing – if you first marinate the meat in dark beer [source: University of Newcastle upon Tyne].

Doesn’t make you look older
Antioxidants in beer ensure that free radicals disappear and aging is prevented.

Prevents diarrhea
The microcultures in beer consist of vinegar and lactic acids. These substances limit the culture of intestinal germs that cause diarrhea. Re-fermenting sour beers keep the mosquitoes away.

Ensures clean skin
Certain vitamins in beer regenerate the skin and are good for the build-up of pigment. Your skin becomes smoother and more flexible. Cleopatra washed her hair with beer shampoo.

Good against colds
Those who drink hot beer are less likely to catch a cold. Warm barley promotes blood circulation and breathing, helps against joint pain and strengthens your immune system. Tip: heat your bottle of beer ‘au-bain-marie’, than add 4 tablespoons of honey.

Prevents stomach ulcers
One and a half liters of beer per week inhibits the growth of bacteria [helicobacter pylori] that can cause inflammation of the stomach lining, reducing the risk of stomach ulcers.

Helps you relax
Your brain is happy with serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. They all arise from your delicious glass of beer. Small amounts of theobromine and caffeine in dark beers can even cause a euphoric feeling.

Helps against sleeping disorders
Hops are a natural sedative. A good glass of hoppy beer before bedtime works wonders.

Helps you lose weight
Studies show that people who drink beer in moderation are less overweight than non-beer drinkers. One glass of beer also contains much less calories than, for example, the same volume of apple juice or red wine.

Beer fraternizes
No better social lubricant than beer!